Forever Toy Box, Large Floating Animal Water Toys

Forever Toy Box has large, floating animal, water toys that are just the right size for you and your Forever Toy Box friends.After your older brother, sister or friend has splashed you, jumped on you, and played Marco Polo for the hundredth time, it might be a nice to suggest, large animal floating water toys. If your friends and family are competitive you might need to buy a pair, to race them to the other side of the water, because you know they won’t let you just lounge around and relax. Get ready to race. On your mark, get ready, set, go!!!

* These flotation animals are not intend for non swimmers.

Who says 108 inch unicorns are mythical animals? Not when you show up with this stylish beast ready for a race!

Your huge 81 inch ducky will leave people quacking up when they see you racing in this quckable, fun swim toy. This duck rides two people comfortably.

Pink flamingos are all the rage when it comes to tropical fun. This 80 inch inflatable is just the right size to float to the other side of the water.