Forever Toy Box, Swimming Pool Toys

You can add more fun to your swimming pool by supplying fun toys everyone can play with. Adults become big kids when it comes to playing in the pool. Pool parties bring friends together. The larger your pool the more you will need to fill it up with fun pool toys.

Imagine riding on this unicorn while other splash around you trying to share your ride. This white mythical creature has handles to hold onto to make it easier to ride.

Who doesn’t like playing volley ball when all your friends come over to swim? This item includes the volley ball and the inflatable net. When play time is over you can easily deflate and put it away until the next game.

The reason I like this floating lounge so much is, because it easily deflates and you can put it away when not in use.

Torpedoes are fun to toss and dive for, when you are swimming under water. No pool party should ever be without a set of them.

Every swimming pool needs a few rings for guests to play with. Order a few to make sure everyone has one.