Forever Toy Box, XBOX 360 Console Gaming Systems

Forever Toy Box has many guides and tips for the XBOX 360 collection.We have the XBOX 360, the XBOX live gold for three months and twelve months. We also have a black XBOX 36 controller and a shiny gold controller (our favorite). A charger to let you play instead of wasting your money on batteries. In our opinion the best headset for the XBOX 360 on the market, and the Kinect sensor that has revolutionized playing with the XBOX360


The XBOX 360 is in our opinion is very popular, it almost went off the breach and didn’t sell. But now it is one of the most popular game systems in the world. It has better controls than the PS4 .


The gold card allows you to play online the XBOX 360 for the allowed usage of the card. You will scratch off the code and enter it on your XBOX 360. On the front of the card will tell you how long of a time you have purchased. This XBOX LIVE GOLD membership will allow you to give your code a try. without this gold card you cannot play on line.

This next gold card allows you to play online the XBOX 360, for a longer length of time. This gold card is for 12 months for serious gammers as yourself. Without this gold card you cannot play on line.

Extra controllers allows you to play with more people. You will need a controller for each person you will be playing with. You can charge the controller with the controller charger or chose to place batteries in the controller battery pack.

We love the gold shine of this controller.

The charger charges the controllers instead of batteries. We personally recommend the chargers, so you won’t have to keep buying batteries for an added expense. This controller is known to be long lasting and durable.

The XBOX 360  headset allows you to talk to other people and give you a nice perspective of the game sounds. This mic will allow you to listen to your phone, iPad and all consoles. It works for every apple and android.

Kinect sensor for XBOX 360. You can talk with your friends, do high motion pictures and this sensor converts your movement into Kinect games and if you say “Xbox open Netflix,”  It will open the application. Also you can use your hands as a controller at the main screen but cannot use your hands in a non connect game. A Kinect game is included in this Kinect sensor. We love this game!!

XBOX 360 Modded Controller will let you Quickscope on Call of Duty. It has precision aim, and breathtaking LED lights. This is the controller every player wants!