Forever Toy Box Digital Code Call of Duty Games and Map Packs

Forever toy Box presents Call of Duty and the map packs. This game requires Amazon Coins to play. Call of Duty Black Ops has campaign multiplayer and zombies that are fun to play.

The game is for mature audiences only. You will unlock your level, by playing. the higher the level the more game modes and options you will get. When my friends play this game we fight against zombies to complete the Easter eggs/zombie story. There are map packs on multiplayer and zombies. Sold separately. Campaign has many characters of the story line. You will need to complete a series of objectives to win.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is the third of all the Black Ops series. This version of the game has excellent graphics. The map packs are an additional purchase that will help your gamming experience.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare comes with an amusement park zombie map, and is very large. You will get a spaceship in the campaign and safe the world from martians. Your character can hack into Mechs and use them against the enemies.

Call of Duty World at War This game is amazing to play. The graphics are unbelievable.

And it has zombies

Map packs are an important part of the game to purchase for your entertainment. These Map packs will get you extra guns, maps, and zombies maps.

Map Packs for Call of duty Black Ops3


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Map Packs